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2024 is about impact

Nick Mazuk

December 8, 2023

Each year I choose a theme instead of creating New Year’s resolutions. Previous themes focused on how I can improve myself. This year is about channeling my energy into a few key areas, making a tangible difference for myself and the world.

In 2024, I’m laser-focused on maximizing impact.


Admittedly, to measure the impact, that means I need to set some goals. But the primary focus is impact, so these goals may change. Nevertheless, here’s my goals for 2024:

  • Run the San Francisco Marathon. I’ve always wanted to run a marathon. So after a year of being more focused on health, it’s time to run one. So, I already signed up for the marathon on July 28th. Now I just need to train for it.
  • Build a strong friend group outside work. While I have a strong network at Google (work, jazz band, orchestra), I want to build a vibrant friend group outside work. This promotes long-term work-life balance and opens doors to new experiences.
  • Build a business with at least 4 full-time employees. My creative ambitions exceed my individual capabilities. Leading a team will allow me to pursue those ambitions sustainably. And four employees seems to be the critical mass for economic stability.
  • Create a new music notation software. I believe all existing music notation falls short. I have many ideas how to change that, so now’s the time to create a better solution.

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